hams use coax to transfer high frequency electromagnetic energy between antennae and receivers and transmitters

Feb 07, 2005
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I can't believe . . .
that I let this web site
get so far out of date !

In case you missed it somewhere along the line, we have moved to the South Carolina LowCountry. As much as we had grown accustomed to the East Tennessee hills, a new employment opportunity was calling and I answered that ring. I started work in North Charleston in June of 2004, and after selling the house in Kingsport, Shelby and Lenore joined me in September. We bought a house here in October, and delivered our last truckload out of Tennessee storage before December. . . Of course, we now have Carolina storage (too much stuff) . . .
2004 was a very complicated and busy year !

(Reprinted from the Somenet Gazette)

+ I have been collecting some info about APRS, especially via satellite.  I'll put a page together soon, showing some example maps, and basic navigation thru www.findU.com - really slick setup.
+ I need to revisit the "predict " program setup on somenet. Displays next pass info ...
+ check latest APRS stations heard by pcsat.
+ check latest APRS stations heard by the Space Station.
+ APRS on orbit : FAQ
+ N4PJY built an "EggBeater II", has it on his tower !
+ The Johnson City Amateur Radio Association now has www.jcara.org !
+ RF links over internet ? K4VZZ now has the Kingsport 146.97 repeater linked via EchoLink.  I have some screen shots, and details of iLINK and EchoLink operation I'll be sharing.
+ Grabbed some audio during the contest, go to N4OFA.somenet.net, and listen to his CWID.
+ Found some good stuff on www.ea1uro.com ...

(Still) Coming soon :
+ a page of bookmarks (like you needed some more).
+ a page with old (and new ) pictures . . .
+ a section with my project notes.
+ a section on Amateur television.

Also coming soon, the WB5RMG "hamcam" !     (hey, maybe even the tower-cam ! )

Check this cool image, grabbed from NASA, showing current position of the ISS in orbit .!.

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