hams use coax to transfer high frequency electromagnetic energy between antennae and receivers and transmitters

Mar 31, 2005
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Typical APRS activity around Charleston, SC.
Thanks to Roger Barker (SK), G4IDE.

This page has a few samples of the maps I made for UI-View.
I tried WinAPRS with dynamic Tiger map data, but wanted to try the UI-View32 program. The registration was quick, free, and easy. Without a source for dynamic map data, I started up WinAPRS full screen, and moved to where I wanted a map, and did a screen capture with PaintShopPro. Next I would determine the Lat/Lon for the upper-left corner, and the lower-right corner for the .INF file. Simply drag the icon of the new map into the UI-View page, and it prompts you for the coordinates.
I have setup a ftp-style directory for those wanting to download and try these maps with the upcoming Public Service Communications events this weekend (April 2 & 3, 2005).

Environment :
+ My station is using the MFJ-1278 TNC and UI-View32.exe version 2.03 .
+ The computer is a 700MHz Dell Optiplex, Win2000Pro, with 128MB ram ... less should also work .
+ Recent state and county map source data from the U.S. Census Bureau (TIGER). (see WinAPRS page) .
+ Composite map image, collected from screen captures from www.mapsonus.com .
+ Live AX25 data from 144.390 MHz, in the Charleston, SC area .

Results :
+ Sample of high resolution map, suitable for use with the Cooper River Bridge Run - 2 Apr 2005 . . .

 + Another sample, near the finish line / command center area (downtown Charleston).

+  The full size map is 4053x1293. Here is a copy, scaled-down to 800x255, for browser viewing  . . .

+ Roger Barker (G4IDE) Wrote a really nice program UI-View32, but passed on in 2004. His memorial site.
+ Check the readme.txt displayed with the directory index, to know where to put my files - to use with UI-View32.
get the MAPS and BUTTONS .
+ I may add more to this page, after the events. I'm hoping to be able to post "track-logs" saved during the events.

  + + + More links to fun stuff with APRS + + +
+ You can look up any APRS station report, via FindU.com, mine for example.
+ check latest APRS stations heard by the Space Station.
+ APRS on orbit : FAQ
+ Check the last reported position of Stan (KC4ZPL) - Hiway Trucker Extrordinaire . . .
    (He showed me this many years back, to keep up with where he was driving)
+ Check on current NWS radar, with my location indicated...
+ Check current and historical weather conditions in Summerville, via W4HNK.
+ APRSWXNET information helped start a new program for NOAA, called Citizen Weather.
+ You can also go see my WinAPRS page, made before I tried UI-View.
+ You can see maps generated by the Census Bureau, with TIGER data here.

(Still) Coming soon :

+ the WB5RMG "hamcam" !

"Hummm . . . . What should I do now ?"
+ don't forgetabout the rest of SomeNet !

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