hams use coax to transfer high frequency electromagnetic energy between antennae and receivers and transmitters

Oct 1, 2006
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a Saturn V on display at the US Space & Rocket Center
The Saturn V replica dominates this night view of the US Space & Rocket Center,  as seen by the WAAY-TV webcam from Monte Sano.
I will update my website . . .
I will update my website . . .
I will update my website . . .

In case you missed it (again), we have moved to the Rocket City. The South Carolina Low Country was ok, but we are not very coastal... We need hills and forests with big trees, dirt with rocks, etc. As much as Charleston had become home, we felt the need to move once again - and get settled in somewhere we might like better for a long haul. I started a new job in Huntsville, Alabama mid-May of 2006, and after selling the house in Charleston, Shelby and Lenore joined me here in August. School has started and we are settling into our new environment quite well. The air here is full of technology, the cotton fields are sprouting high tech office buildings, and most of the people appear to be pretty happy . . .    Life is good - enjoy !
2006 has been a very complicated and busy year !
Thanks again to everyone that helped.

Got here just in time for Field Day 2006.

sunset over the GOTA station at the US Space & Rocket Center Field Day site

WB8ELK shows off his tiny ATV transmitter

Huntsville Amateur Radio Club

+ I am trying to do some significant re-construction of the webpage here, check back soon.
+ How about that page with a whole lotta' links I've been promising . . .
it's not complete, but at least it's a start

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location of ISS
This generated image shows the current orbital position of the International Space Station . . .

Thanks to www.heavens-above.com for excellent tracking and visual observation schedules.

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