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hams use coax to transfer high frequency electromagnetic energy between antennae and receivers and transmitters
Oct 5, 2008
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saved image from MMSSTV program
Recent Slow-Scan TV picture

It's called SlowScanTV . . .
but it is really more like a FAX .

MMSSTV mini-screenshot

MMSSTV is a program by JE3HHT - Makoto Mori, that uses a soundcard to decode the signal.

Then I use the FTP Widget by KE5RS - John Benedict, to send the images to the webserver.

Learning that the upcoming (Oct.2008) crew rotation to the International Space Station will bring some SSTV equipment to orbit, motivated me to get something setup to receive these images - even when I'm not at home ... If you missed that announcement, here is my version of this story as it appeared on my home page.

The most likely place to find SSTV is on 14.230 MHz in the 20m band, but it works practically anywhere voice is used.
A neat site that shows pictures and compares listening conditions around the world can be found at

I'm not going to explain how all of this works, as there are lots of references to be found with plenty of detail and 'How-To' articles. You can download the MMSSTV program from, which has a wealth of links to more sites. Setup & operation is simple and well documented. The FTP Widget is setup to save the last 10 images. John's site is

This would be the other 9 pictures previously captured.

saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV
saved by MMSSTV

digital radio messaging
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