hams use coax to transfer high frequency electromagnetic energy between antennae and receivers and transmitters

May 05, 2005
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I can't believe . . .
that I let this web site
get so far out of date !

In case you missed it somewhere along the line, we have moved to the South Carolina LowCountry. As much as we had grown accustomed to the East Tennessee hills, a new employment opportunity was calling and I answered that ring. I started work in North Charleston in June of 2004, and after selling the house in Kingsport, Shelby and Lenore joined me here in September. We bought a house in October, and delivered our last truckload out of Tennessee storage right after Thanksgiving. . . Of course, we now have Carolina storage (too much stuff) . . .
2004 was a very complicated and busy year !
Thanks again to everyone that helped.

Startin to get some of my stuff out of storage.
telco-style patch panel
Sansui stereo receiver
some surplus rack filler panel ...
"Poor-Mans" video 'bang-switcher'
Hammarlund SP-600
NTSC video test pattern generator
12VDC powersupply controller

+ Currently checking out the local Ham Radio environment . . .
Charleston Amateur Radio Society, Charleston SKYWARN program, Charleston NWS.
+ Congratulations to my co-worker Dave Marvil, got his Technician License : KI4JSA 

+ I am still greatly interested in the combination of digital mapping and binary communication, which has come together under the name "APRS" (Automated Position Reporting System), especially when satellites and weather reporting are added to the mix.  I'd like to put together a page with intro information, but there are already quite a few out there. With the addition of www.findU.com - this has become a dynamic collection of "really neat stuff". . . There are lots of links on those two pages, explaining what it is, and how it works, and how you can participate. I hope to assemble a weather reporting station this spring, and start feeding the CWOP database.
+ Check my new (20050504) RS0ISS-3 page . . .

+ Check my new (20050331) UI-View32 page . . .

+ Check my new (20050327) WinAPRS page . . .

+ Overview of the "APRSWXNET" (citizenweather) project.
+ findU.com page of APRS stations recently heard by the International Space Station.
+ APRS on orbit : FAQ
+ I go here for orbital predictions : www.heavens-above.com
+ This is a nice tracking program for your PC : SatScape
+ This sounds interesting, will investigate further : www.smeter.net
+ Very informative site, from N.Va (thanks KI4JSA) : www.147300.com

+ Ever heard a number station ? spynumbers.com - the Conet Project
+ Grabbed some audio during a VHF contest, go to N4OFA.somenet.net, and listen to his CWID.
+ Found some good stuff on www.ea1uro.com ... (if you can handle the Spanish)

(Still) Coming soon :
+ a page of bookmarks (like you needed some more).
+ a page with old (and new ) pictures . . .
+ a section with old (and current) project notes.
+ a section on Amateur television.

Also coming soon, a WB5RMG "hamcam" !     (I still want a tower-cam )
+ Additional organizations, projects and web sites that I support and promote :

Check this cool image, updated by NASA, showing the current position of the ISS in orbit . . .
Click Here for the NASA site.

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